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1 comment on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy

#DissectingDemocracy This Wiki article at first glance points out the different flavors of our politicians favorite feel good buzz word, but falls way short on an analysis of it in practice. For example, under Fraudulent Elections the editors must have not noticed all the antiRon Paul shenanigans at the Primaries with votes regularly gone missing or changed in favor of Romney, et al. They also don't know about the papertrail lacking black boxes we new use on election day which can be easily hacked and rigged. There also is no section of the practical nature of Democracy whereby with a little propaganda streamed from the tele to the voters they can be told how to vote or made fearful of voting in their best interest. A good example of this is the Monsanto $multi-million campaign in California in the fall of 2012 where millions of Californians were convinced that the transparency in GMO food labeling would cost them hundreds of dollars in the long run so the measure was voted down. At the same time it is an example of how the representative democracy failed in CA, because too many of the elected are reliant on Monsanto campaign contributions to vote in a way that is best for their constituents.
&Watcher 2013-08-13 02:22:14