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1 comment on economist.com/blogs/charlemagne/2014/03/car-ban-french-capital

Paris bans 50% of the cars with a french lic. plate & includes free subway rides and bikes

The last time it came to these measures was 17 years ago. Earlier this month the government began by trying to encourage Parisians and those in the nearby suburbs to use their cars and motorbikes less often. The city’s extensive public-transport network was made free from March 14th, and extra trains were put into circulation. The speed limit was also reduced on certain roads. A more drastic attempt to enforce a reduction in car use came into place today, and will be continued tomorrow if necessary by allowing cars and motorbikes with even-numbered registration plates on the roads.

Some 700 policemen were manning 60 control points around the capital to enforce the ban, the breach of which carries a €22 ($30) fine.
&Rob 2014-03-17 16:59:25