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2 comments on dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2568326/Smoking-cannabis-CAN-kill-German-researchers-identify-two-men-died-purely-result-using-drug.html

Two men die after their hearts started beating either too fast or too slowly?

Basil, Ballindalloch from the United Kingdom had this to say:

As a #medical_doctor with an interest in psychiatry, I would like to voice my objections to your (Daily Mail) reporting of issues relating to #Cannabis. While I understand that an enormous proportion of your advertising revenue comes from drink and pharmaceutical funding, it is quite unfair that you manipulate facts to suit them. Cannabis is a remarkable non-toxic substance. As the emeritus pharmaceutical professor at Harvard stated 'in 10,000 years of use Cannabis has never killed anybody, it would take 15,000 joints smoked in 20 minutes to reach a #toxic_level'. The recent coroner's verdict and report by German 'researchers' attributing sudden death to Cannabis is as ridiculous as blaming buses for causing the deaths of those that run to catch them. Research shows that Cannabis protects against cancer, seems to increase the immune status of HIV infection, to be more effective than big pharmas anti-dementia drugs etc etc. 1000 times less mentally damaging than alcohol statistically. Legalise
&Rob 2014-02-27 16:06:41

#Smoking #cannabis CAN kill you: German #researchers identify two men who #died purely as

Here is a #MainStreamMedia bit of #Propaganda that concludes from this statistically meaningless bit of #PseudoScience with an indefensible opening line stating "It is possible to die as a direct result of smoking cannabis, new research shows " Most people don't get past this line to see that there this is no science based study of 15 cadavers even given that they are #German ! #Laughable and a glaring example of media with an agenda. Let's face it the biggest advertisers today upon which these outlets rely on for revenue, #BigPharma will do everything in their power to maintain their #monopoly on #drugs including prompting their lapdogs to produce bits of non-news such as this.
&neo 2014-02-27 14:15:57