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1 comment on culinarylore.com/dishes:what-is-a-mexican-mole

What Is A Mexican Mole? | culinarylore.com

Although many believe the word #mole comes from the Spanish word moler, meaning “to grind” it actually comes from a #Nahuatl ( #Aztec ) word, #molli meaning, “ #sauce ” or “mixture.” Most people have probably never experienced an honest to goodness mole. #Mexican #restaurants in the U.S., which churn out generic cookie-cutter dishes that are one step removed from fast food, certainly rarely make real Mexican moles. The flavors are sweet, nutty, roasted, and slightly bitter. The town of #Puebla is usually given as the “birthplace” of the first mole but #Oaxaca, from which many moles originate, claims to be the home of the seven moles, being the place from which all other moles came
&neo 2020-02-18 17:16:41