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1 comment on core77.com/blog/materials/future-shape_turns_floorspace_into_a_giant_touchscreen_with_their_conductive_rug__26558.asp

#Future-Shape Turns Floorspace Into a Giant Touchscreen with Their Conductive Rug

This floor is a conductive rug that can detect movement and call for help if someone has fallen over has been developed by #German firm Future-Shape.

Called the #SensFloor, the two-millimetre-thick textile underlay can be installed beneath flexible floor coverings like tiles and parquet.

The system measures #capacitance - changes to the local electric field caused by a person or any other conductive object coming near the sensors. The process is the same as that you would find on your touchscreen phone, said a spokesperson from Future-Shape.

SensFloor conductive rug by Future-Shape turns the floor into a giant touchscreen

Based on the area of disturbance to the electric field, the sensors can tell if a person is #standing on the floor or #lying on it. It can even tell the difference between a liquid spill and a person.
&Rob 2014-03-07 15:46:51