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1 comment on cargill.com/products/personal-care/ingredients/hydrocolloids/xanthan-gum/index.htm

Cargill: Products & Services - Personal Care - Ingredients - Hydrocolloids - Xanthan gum

#Xanthan gum is a nature-derived, high-molecular weight polysaccharide produced by the microorganism Xanthomonas campestris by microbial fermentation. It is highly versatile in personal care applications as it is resistant to enzymatic degradation, extremely stable over a wide range of temperatures and pHs and also in high concentrations of alcohol and salt. Xanthan gum is primarily used as a thickener, but is also the most efficient stabilizer for suspensions, #emulsions , foams and solid particles in water-based formulations.
&neo 2015-03-03 12:07:11