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4 comments on carbon666.com

only if you're communing with mother earth and her #Psilocybin ..then you might see.
&neo 2013-09-21 15:44:10

#666 Pretty wild there. #organic_chemistry I recall to be a bastard in college.... Interesting comment I've talked on before in regards to most humans only viewing "life" in comparison to the carbon-based model we define ourselves by on earth. If a #form_of_life much higher humans was right in front of our eyes would we even see it?
&AaronHolthaus 2013-09-21 02:06:06

The fact that carbon atoms bond readily to other carbon atoms allows for the building of arbitrarily long and complex molecules. There are not many other elements which appear to be even promising candidates for supporting life-like behavior, but the most frequent alternative suggested is silicon. This is in the same group in the Periodic Table of elements and therefore also has four valence bonds. It also bonds to itself, but generally in the form of crystal lattices rather than long chains. However, its compounds are generally highly stable and do not support the ability to readily re-combine in different permutations in a manner that would plausibly support life-like processes.
&neo 2013-09-20 20:06:28

All Living organisms must contain #Carbon to exist on Earth as Physical Life. Carbon: 6 Neutrons 6 Protons 6 Electrons #666
&neo 2013-09-20 20:04:32