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1 comment on articles.sun-sentinel.com/2012-12-08/health/fl-stroke-brain-injury-treatment-20121206_1_stroke-patients-boca-doctor-traumatic-brain-injury

Boca #doctor gives $stroke survivors new shot at mobility, independence

The 25-milligram shot at renewed independence is the brainchild of Boca Raton physician Dr. Edward Tobinick. His patented method for delivering the anti-inflammatory medicine, etanercept, to the brain is getting praise around the world as a "radical breakthrough" in the treatment of chronic neurological dysfunction. "It's magic," said Dr. Rene Alfaro, an ophthalmologist from Mexico, of the single-dose injection that almost instantly restored much of his wife's movement and cognition more than a year after an aneurysm and subsequent stroke incapacitated her left side. "It's like a click." Tobinick's research - published in numerous scientific and medical journals around the world - has found that this therapeutic technique is also beneficial for treating sciatica and #Alzheimer's disease. "It's for #neurological #inflammation," said Tobinick, a board-certified internal medicine physician who has used his treatment method on more than 4,000 patients for various conditions. "We're doing this every day of the week."
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