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1 comment on architecture.mit.edu/architectural-design/news/collective—lok-design-times-square-valentine-pavilion

Collective - LOK to design Times Square Valentine Pavilion | MIT Architecture

Times Square is the heart of New York Citya blur of bright lights and billboards, noise, steam, passion and possibilities. It is spectacle made manifest, day and night. For Valentine's Day we offer the Heart of Hearts, a space for both intimacy and performance within this spectacular atmosphere. A faceted ring of nine golden, mirrored hearts creates a pavilion that reflects and multiplies the pulsating activity of Times Square, creating a kaleidoscopic interior that dissolves the boundaries between viewing and performing. Within the ring, diamond-shaped spaces inside each heart create "kissing booths" where couples find their activities mirrored, allowing both privacy and publicity within the Heart of Hearts.
&Rob 2015-11-17 18:37:23