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1 comment on amsterdamamerica.tumblr.com/post/112803227124/6-numbers-that-show-what-legal-pot-is-worth-to

TumblWeeds ? 6 numbers that show what legal #pot is worth to

#Colorado #Cannabis 148,000 pounds: The amount of marijuana legally sold in Colorado in 2014, the first full year that recreational marijuana has been legal in the state. 4.82 million: The number of marijuana-infused edibles sold in Colorado. 15,992: The number of people licensed to work in the pot business in Colorado. 143%: The increase in marijuana employment licenses since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado. 2,251: The total number of licensed marijuana businesses in Colorado. $76 million: Total collected by Colorado from marijuana-related taxes and fees and some more vital statistics: 0 Number of people who have died from an overdose of cannabis. 0 Number of people who have liver damage from cannabis use.
&neo 2015-03-06 11:37:57